Are you an impact entrepreneur?

Posted on June 26, 2019

If you have an impactful solution to a societal problem, and you would like to give your organization the possibilities to reach its full potential, then the six-month Impact StartUp accelerator program is for you. We help you with:

Business Development

100 hours of shoulder to shoulder coaching and development work together with one of our skilled business developers.

Practical work

We help you putting your plans into action and support you in your work on technical, strategic and financial tasks.

Sustainable economic model

We help you develop an economic model, whether you are a non-for-profit or a for-profit organization, ensuring that you generate revenue beyond project money and grants.

Impact management

You get access to and training on the proven impact management models and help you in setting up an impact measurement system.

Systems understanding

You get a deeper understanding of how the various welfare systems work and how to work with and sell to the public sector.


We connect you to people with the competence you need, the financing you need, who are potential customers or who could give your solution the exposure and publicity it deserves.

Investor contacts

Through our pan-Nordic network of impact investors we put you up with the ones likely to invest in an organization like yours.


We help you become investable, investor ready and we assist you in getting investors on board.