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Posted on June 26, 2019

We are sure that you agree. Impact entrepreneurs deserve the best possible support to reach their full potential. They hold some of the most innovative, impactful and preventive solutions to many of our society’s biggest challenges and we need them in order to accelerate the eradication or reduction of exclusion, illness and climate change.

Unless 100% of your marketing, HR and CSR budgets - and all of your company’s profits - are already directed towards solutions creating measurable positive impact, then we think you should get in touch with us.

By financing the participation in the accelerator program for one or several impact startups, you actively contribute to the scaling of their solutions and to the creation of measurable impact over time.

Would you not like to:

  • tell the world that your company is actively involved in the scaling of impactful solutions and of impact entrepreneurs?
  • engage your employees in supporting promising impact startups?
  • add even more purpose to your organization and be a more attractive employer for the next generation talents?
  • receive reporting on impact generated, both on the accelerator and enterprise levels, and be able to communicate to your stakeholders on measurable impact that might not have occurred if it wasn’t for you?

Impact StartUp is not here to make large profits. Our goal is the impact we create, not the money we make. Therefore, we only take on partners until the accelerator is fully financed.

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